Silent Symphony


Swaying gently,

Swaying gently in the cool summer breeze,

Dainty white daisies moving back and forth

dancing to  nature’s  silent symphony.


4 thoughts on “Silent Symphony

  1. I just read “The Thing About Jellyfish”. There is a scene in it in which the main character, Suzy, is at a outdoor science event with her school. Her science teacher asks the kids to be silent and listen. Then he asks what they heard. Suzy, hearing all the sounds of nature, says, “An orchestra”. The teacher wanted a different, very specific answer and isn’t very nice to her. I thought it was a beautiful answer, just as your poem is beautiful.


  2. This is so beautiful! I try to post poems on Mondays during the challenge and I am so envious of the ease with which you just flow with your words. I struggle over and over when trying.


  3. Lovely poem…I can see those daisies dancing!


  4. Such a peaceful image. I love the idea of nature’s symphony. Thanks for sharing!


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