Dear Mom (A Tribute)



When I was a child you held me in your loving arms,

fed me, changed me, and kept me from harm.

As I grew you taught me your many ways,

to cook and  clean, to sew, dance and sing

just like you, mother so dear, dear Emma J.

You showed me how to reach for the stars

so when the time came I could fly free and far.

Over the years, we laughed, cried and played

and took time to smell the roses along the way.

Strong, determined, full of dreams and goals,

a tool in God’s hand that touched my soul.

Sharing her Love, her Hope and her Faith,

waiting to meet me again someday at Heaven’s Gate.



4 thoughts on “Dear Mom (A Tribute)

  1. How touching. Mommas are the glue that holds everyone together.

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  2. What a lovely tribute to your mother. How wonderful that you shared so many things together. I hope those memories are comforting to you.

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  3. I am so sorry your mommy died. Your words paint such a loving picture of her. A woman of God who loved her child deeply.

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  4. “..a tool in God’s hand that touched my soul” — love! We need to pass this on to our daughters!

    Thank you!


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