Early Morning

Today was like any other Saturday, except for the fact I was awake at four in the morning. I had been tossing through the night. I am in those “erratic” menopause years  where your body feels like it has been possessed by some alien from another planet.   I should have been  asleep until six. I wished I could simply press a reset button and drift back to sleep, but no such luck.

     So out from under my warm and cozy blanket I emerged. Slowly walking through my silent house, I made my way into the kitchen. Automatically, I reached  out and turned on the cold water faucet and filled the coffee pot. Gently pulling  the small bronze knob, I opened the kitchen cabinet which released the undeniable aroma of coffee grounds . What a wonderful  smell!    I  carefully  measured 2 1/2 scoops  into the coffee filter  and let it slowly brew. I love the quietness in the early hours of the morning.  My little corner of the world was still sleeping. No sirens, no hum of cars going by, and no train whistle blowing. I treasure  these moments of silence as they are truly a gift.  Sipping on my coffee, I slowly began to plan my day.




7 thoughts on “Early Morning

  1. I am envious of people that can get up and enjoy the stillness that is the morning. I hang on to the slumber until the last possible moment so there’s no time to savor anything. Lol

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  2. I so relate to the menopausal sensations and also to the beauty of stillness in the early morning that you describe here.


  3. I am not looking forward to that stage of life at all. It is coming too quickly! It’s still nice to have a way to be appreciative of what you did get accomplished.


  4. I love the peaceful early morning hours you capture here. I am an early morning riser as well–somewhat by nature, though I can certainly relate to those menopausal contributions! Your step by step descriptions helped to capture the tranquility of your start to the day. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Yes, this is the best part of the day. Time to truly think your won thoughts without all the white noise of life.


  6. Good for you to rise and greet your own private place with your own sweet rituals.


  7. Oh, dear, you’ve made me miss my sister! This is EXACTLY how it is in her home, early in the morning. I need to get down and see her!

    Thank you — I don’t know your name, but thank you!


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