White are the soft,billowy, cotton ball clouds

that pour their milky drops to the ground where,

they join bodies of water

that are churned into a rich and creamy

vanilla ice cream that washes over me

in waves. On the beach, white makes me dream

of possibilities….


4 thoughts on “White

  1. So lovely. Makes me long to be right in that spot. Although white isn’t the color I first think of for the beach, this description will make me see differently from now on.

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  2. “White makes me dream of possibilities.” Great line and a wonderful photograph as well. I’ve always enjoyed color poems. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. You’re poetry is truly beautiful. Amazing imagery. Love reading your slices.


  4. Perfect. Never thought of waves and vanilla ice cream, but it’s true! Especially on a hot day!

    Thank you!


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