Shampoo And Rinse


        Did you ever have a morning where you wished you could crawl  back in bed and pull the covers over your head?  Well….for me it was this morning! Having awoke with a coughing fit around 3 o’clock, I finally was able to go back to sleep, a very deep sleep.Being a creature of habit,  I usually let my internal clock  wake me. But  who really needs an alarm clock?

     Apparently, I did. Rolling over to see what time it was, I realized I had overslept. With sheets flying this way and that way, I leapt out of bed. If someone had witnessed me running through my house, they would have asked where the fire was. Kitchen…take medicine. Basement….go down and bring up clean clothes.Kitchen…throw together lunch. Bathroom….. Turn shower on.

      Ahhh!! the stream of  water began rushing over me as I stepped in. There is nothing quite like  a steamy, hot shower to help you relax. Deep breath…oh the smell of Moonlight Path.  I longed to stay in the shower but time was against me. Tick tock. It would have to be another day.  Standing  under the shower head  I  grabbed the shampoo and washed my hair.

     Dried and dressed, I emerged from the bathroom in record time. But wait, I still needed to comb through my wet, dangled hair. Painstakingly I moved the detangler comb through my hair. Ouch! I hate the knots. They hurt but you have to work them out. And there, with wet hair hanging over my face, it hit me. Writing is a lot like taking care of your hair.Be creative.  Do it daily.  Try a new style. Work through those knots. Add some color. Be inspired.





8 thoughts on “Shampoo And Rinse

  1. You capture so well the frenzy of waking up and realizing you’ve overslept! I chuckled out loud at your analogy between taking care of your hair and writing. Thanks!

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  2. I love it! The picture, the line breaks, the metaphor. Love it ALL! you are so right: writing is a lot like hair care 🙂

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  3. Definitely fun to see the connection you made between writing and taking care of your hair. I like the “try a new style advice.” Although I’ve had the same hairstyle for years, I do enjoy trying something new in my writing.

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  4. This was such fun to read – you powered your way to a great start of the day.


  5. Oh the craziness of this slice is outstanding. That picture made me snort, I mean laugh out loud. 😉

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  6. i love that picture it looks really funny


  7. Oh My!! I have recently had such a morning. You’re words so perfectly describe the chaos…..and make me giggle, as I visualize each detail you describe. We all have these mornings, and yet, somehow pull ourselves to face the world. Well done. Another great slice of life you’ll surely remember.

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  8. I love the pic, you made me laugh. Your’e so wonderful to read. You’ve made my day!

    Thank you!


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