Wipe Out

rockstar3Waiting….waiting…..get ready, get set….BAM! It came out of nowhere…whoosh…blubbb..blubbb …being pushed down by what felt like a hundred elephants. …being swept backwards  …arms and legs thrashing wildly….Don’t panic…….have to get air…..dear God help me! I see light…..hurry move toward the light! At last, my body propelled itself upward and burst through the surface. Air once again filled my lungs as tried to get my bearings. My board, where was my board? There it was floating toward the shore. I had to get back to the shore. Just  a little further…stroke…stroke….stroke. Finally able to stand up, I stumbled forward and flung myself down on the wet sand. “Are you ok? Are you ok? my niece and nephew asked. “Yes,” I said. “I’m just a little shaken.”



2 thoughts on “Wipe Out

  1. You are brave. I was a little shaken just reading about your experience. Descriptions were perfect.

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  2. That’s so funny!! I had to reread niece and nephew line because I thought it was them, not you!

    Expertly done, a fun surprise! Thank you!


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