My Idol


What was so special about him? Was it his devilish good looks? Or was it his magnetic personality? Could it have been the way he moved or the the way he brought a song to life? Whatever it was about him, this little girl of the 60’s absolutely adored him.  Though I never saw him perform in concert, I faithfully watched all the movies he made and  memorized the songs he sang. His music literally rocked the world and inspired so many that came after him. To me , he was my idol but to everyone else he was the King.


4 thoughts on “My Idol

  1. I remember going to Memphis and visiting Graceland. It gave me my first inkling of understanding of why my mom was so enamored by him. He was indeed special.


  2. Your post makes me wonder why we idolize the people we do? Hmmm! Favorite Elvis song?

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  3. Oh my! My mom could have written this post! My childhood lullaby was Love Me Tender (and anything else Elvis sang). I could sing every Elvis song by the time I was two and we went to Graceland on a family vacation. Yeah, I can relate. 🙂

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