It Was Just A Saturday Night

Bay City Rollers at the Uptown Theathre August 27, 1976.

Third row to the left of the stage at The Uptown Theater consisted of only three seats. There were no seats in front of the third row to obstruct the view of the performers.  My brother, who was thirteen years older than I, had offered to take my friend and I to our very first concert. Every generation has a band that young girls swoon over. In 1976, girls across the United States had their hearts stolen by a Scottish band called The Bay City Rollers. Best known for the iconic song S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y  N-I-G-H-T, their faces appeared on the cover of Tiger Beat Magazine for the next couple of years. If you look closely at the picture, there we are-my brother on one end, me in the middle and my friend on the aisle. Fans dressed in plaid shirts and wore  pants with  strips of plaid going down the outer sides of their jeans . Some girls even sported plaid suspenders. My friend and I were so excited to see them that night. We jumped up and down and sang along to every song they played that night. We were very fortunate to make eye to eye contact with different band members as they moved across the stage in front of where we sat.  It was a moment every teenage girl dreams of. When we left that night, we could barely talk for we had worn out our voices and there was a constant ringing in our ears from sitting so close to one of the amplifiers.  As we drove home that night, my brother jokingly said “I must really love you to sit through all that screaming.’   “Thanks Al. I love you too!’ was my response.


The Bay City Rollers

Front Row (left to right)  -Leslie and Woody    Back Row- Derek, Eric and Ian



3 thoughts on “It Was Just A Saturday Night

  1. What a great post about your first concert!! My first concert was John Denver with my dad. Good times!


  2. I think maybe the first concert you attend is always the most special. I love that your brother was the one who took you!


  3. Awesome memory…..isn’t funny how we can remember those special moments with such clarity? Very cool!!

    Liked by 1 person

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