This Old House

The morning light slowly filtered through the beveled glass in the front door. It cast  an oblong pattern that seemed to dance across the far wall of my living room. Quietness permeated the house except for the sound of the boiler kicking on to force hot water through the cast iron radiators. I love my old house with plaster walls and arched doorways. In three years, we can apply to have our house declared a historical landmark. When we first purchased our house 24 years ago, we did not realize that it already had a rich history. It was only after visiting our  local historical society that we saw a picture showing our house being moved in 1962. Talking to one of the local historians, we learned that our house was originally located on the main street that runs east and west through our village. It was located near the old post office and a vaudeville theater. It turned out that the original owners of our house also owned the vaudeville theater. If only the walls in my house could talk……


9 thoughts on “This Old House

  1. What fun to be able to learn some of the history of your house! I am sure it’s beautiful, too, with those architectural details. I think it’s great that they moved the house rather than tearing it down!


  2. Very cool! I did not know that.


  3. You’ll need to host a party when it reaches landmark status. Maybe you should post an ad in the paper to see if anyone has any more news about the vaudeville owners. Great post.


  4. I love your description! It sounds like you could write the history of your house to be enjoyed by many!


  5. That. Is. The. Coolest. For real! I am sure you have some secrets in there somewhere! I love the description in this piece.


  6. The house I grew up in was built in 1912. We have gone to the city courthouse to read find out who owned it before us. It’s gorgeous and old and my mom has remodeled most of it, but I love knowing that it had such a rich history. You are right–If only the walls could talk.


  7. Our new house was built in the early 60s and I often wonder what tales it could tell, though I’m sure yours would have more to say. I’m intrigued by the history of old houses! The thought that many lives were shared there before me and many will be shared there after me, is very cool.


  8. Your love for your house shines through this piece. And then to find out it has a realy history. What a gift!


  9. That’s amazing! How exciting!! I’d love to see pictures!


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