A Bird’s View


My brother-in-law had me climb into the seat behind his. I put on my seatbelt and waited anxiously for us to go. With the hatch closed and the clip attached to the nose, slowly we were pulled down the runway by the small, yellow bi-plane in front of us. Faster and faster the bi-plane moved till it had the momentum to lift off the ground. As it moved higher into the air, the slack in the tow chain lessened till we were air born. Higher and higher we went into the beautiful sky until we reached the proper altitude. Releasing the tow chain clipped to the nose of the glider, the little yellow bi-plane veered off to the right as we went to the left. It was so quiet and peaceful. Pssst, was the only sound we heard.  It was so different riding in the glider. With no engine, the glider was totally dependent on the up drafts and down drafts like a bird. The glider moved round and round till we no longer could find an upward air current. So slowly and gently like a feather we moved downward until we landed once again on terre  firma.


4 thoughts on “A Bird’s View

  1. What a nice slice about your glider adventure. I felt I was right there with you in the peace and quietness of it all. This line is especially beautiful, “So slowly and gently like a feather we moved downward.”


  2. That sounds amazing – what an adventure! So glad that you were able to have this adventure and that you were able to share it with us!


  3. This sounds exciting and terrifying!!! Wow!! I love the idea of the peaceful quiet.


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